Southern Colorado Guides – Part 2

Following up on the previous blog, there are some fly shops and guides in Southern Colorado that need to be talked about. All of these guides primarily guide on the Rio and spend their time in Creede, CO.

Rio Grande Angler

Southern Colorado fly shop

The Rio Grande Angler is one of two shops in Creede. They have a sister shop in South Fork Colorado and have permits to float on Nearly 40 miles of the upper Rio. Located right on main st, this is a great place to pick up on local knowledge and get a cup of coffee. Yes, there is a coffee shop connected to the fly shop.

Rio Grande Angler has recently had some guides join FindAFFG. 

Billy Goff

Billy is going into his sixth season guiding for RGA. Primarily there from early May until the end of October, Billy is a great guide to learn from. Don’t hesitate to reach out and start a conversation.

Billy’s profile:

Finn Leggitt 

Finn grew up in Creede, Colorado and has been in and out of the fly shop since he can remember. Because of this, there are not many other guides who know the area like Finn does. Finn guides with a relaxed manner and is ego free on the water.

Finn’s profile:

Zach Janssen

Zach has been guiding for Rio Grande Angler for three seasons now. Once out of highschool, Zach spent many years guiding in Alaska before coming to Creede. He is now a part of the guiding community in Southern Colorado. After the Rio season, you can find Zach in Cotter, Arkansas guiding on the White River.

Zach’s profile:

Caiden Boyt

Caiden is the last member of the Rio Grande Angler team. Going into his sixth season on the Rio, Caiden has a deep understanding of the river and its tributaries. He went to college in Durango and has experienced much of the fishing Southern Colorado has to offer. When his season in Creede is over, Caiden winters in Durango and guides on the Animas river and the San Juan in Northern New Mexico. 

Caiden’s profile:

Ramble House

The Ramble House fly shop is the oldest in the area. Not only do they supply guided trips and fly fishing gear. They are fully outfitted with hunting gear, terminal tackle, and other outdoor essentials. Also located on Main St, a person cannot drive through Creede and miss this store front. Owned by the Birdsey family, this is a store that outdoor enthusiasts should stop in at.

Cole Birdsey

Cole is the head guide and owner of Ramble House. 5th generation Creede outdoorsmen, Cole knows the ups and downs of this area. Cole is passionate about many things other than fly fishing. Being an avid hunter and conservationist, Cole can go in depth on mountain lions, aquatic biology, and any other animal in the area. 

Cole’s profile:

Hunter Hines

Hunter is well known in this part of Southern Colorado. He is a familiar face in the fly shop and a joy to be with on the water. Working for Ramble House, he has developed a great understanding of the Creede area. 

Hunter’s profile:

Southern Colorado

Don’t miss the chance to come on a guided trip in this area. Whether it’s closer to Durango or Creede, there is great opportunity to meet new guides and create lifelong memories on the water.

There are countless options of trips offered in these areas. Whether it’s a family trip or a solo trip, these companies and guides have it covered. This is becoming a very popular destination so reach out and book a guided day before they fill up. 

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