The more exposure a guide can get the better. Sending in blog content for the site will put your name and story directly in front of vast amounts of clients and other guides. This is a place where you can tell a story about past trips, the upcoming season, or the next best thing happening on your waterways.

Find A Fly Fishing Guide was created to help guides get the most attention possible. This is a great opportunity to grow your presence and name on the site. Telling a story or writing an informational piece may intrigue clients or other guides to reach out and start a conversation. This is one more way to have people find out who you are and grow your industry presence.


Help spread the word about your favorite guides and the waterways they fish by sharing stories about your most memorable guided fly fishing trips! Send in your photographs, and fish tales to be shared with guides and clients across the United States.

Your guide will be thankful for the exposure, and other anglers will be delighted to hear stories of your experience!


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