Does this take trips away from local fly shops?

No it does not, as there is no internal booking system.

Guides that work with a guide outfitter or shop are highly encouraged to create an account. This is just one more place that helps market for your fly shop or outfitter.

Although there are no “booking” features on the website, clients can still state what dates they can fish and that gets relayed to the shop or outfitter.

Can anyone guide and create an account?

Only legal guides with permits (depending on state) are allowed to guide. Different waterways have certain permits that need to be acquired before any guiding is legal. Also, most states require some sort of medical training (CPR/First Aid) to be a guide.

Outfitters and Guide Shops spend a lot of money a year on maintaining permits and this is nothing to take lightly. If you don’t work for a shop/outfitter or own permits yourself, do not guide on any waterways where they are required.

As a client, why would I use this?

You can read testimonials, see a guide’s 5-star review, and read about the guide before ever going on a trip with them. This gives you the ability to start conversations with guides and learn about the waterways they have access to.

Have you ever missed out on hitting the “prime time” fishing on a guided trip because you didn’t know about the epic drake hatch, salmonfly hatch, PMD blanket hatch, or post runoff streamer bite that would change your fishing life? Reach out to guides pre-season and jump on those days before they are booked.

Are client accounts free?

All client accounts are free. Start searching for waterways and guides here