Why Should I Buy A Guided Fly Fishing Trip?

Going on a fly fishing trip is something to look forward to whether a person is experienced or brand new to the sport. No matter a person skill level, they can always learn something and work on their game.

Brand New at Fly Fishing

If someone is brand new to fly fishing or doesn’t have very much experience, a fly-fishing trip is recommended. On a fly-fishing trip, someone can expect to learn a base level about entomology, knots, leaders and tippet, flies, and how to read water. This will jump-start a person’s skill level and understanding of the sport.

There are fundamentals in fly fishing that can be easier to learn from a guide than the school of hard knocks. Learning how to cast, handle line, set the hook, and mend are all things that a beginner can expect to learn on a guided trip.

As a beginner, everything is new and there are plenty of things to work on. It’s a fun learning curve and the majority of people leave the water wishing they had more time. Find a guide in an area you’re interested in and book a trip.

Intermediate Skill Level

A person who understands the fundamentals and can go out on their own and catch a fish here and there falls into this category. Going on a guided trip can really boost your game. The guide will be able to go more in depth with the “why” of things. Why do fish hit the fly on a mend? What variables make different flies start to hatch? When should I throw a long leader compared to a short leader? These are just examples of questions that and intermediate angler might have.

A guide trip can help excel this person’s game by trying new methods. For a lot of people, all they do is throw dry flies or nymph. A guide may be able to show you how to throw streamers or throw dry dropper rigs. They can explain why they have their dropper 24 inches from the dry compared to 12 inches.

If someone is an intermediate angler this is a great time for guides to go more in depth with technique. If a person has a basic understanding of fundamentals it is much easier for a guide to go into depth to help a person get to the next level. Going on a guided trip might make things “click” for an intermediate angler.

I Fly Fish

This person is someone that spends time on the water and has an idea of what’s going on. Maybe they love a certain river and can catch a lot of fish there. This person might travel around the United States or even into other countries in search of a tight line. Awesome, go on a guided trip.

People are constantly surprised about new methods and techniques with this developing sport. Every guide has different mojo that they can teach you. Not two guides are the same when hitting the water. Every person can learn something, and this is a great time for someone to go and catch a lot of fish (hopefully, not every day can be exceptional).

Guides know where the fish are. As an experienced and competent angler, this can be your ticket to hit the water and start catching fish. If this person is in a new area and wants to learn about different water, there is no better way to get information than going on a guided trip.


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