Where It Started

Find A Fly Fishing Guide was started in Southwest Colorado by a guide that spends most of his time in the middle of a drift boat. We wanted people to have access to guides and fly shops all on the same website. By cutting out the hassle of navigating the internet, we hope that people book more days on the water with guides.

There are many places where guides and fly shops are hard to find and this gives them a platform to be discovered. Don't miss the opportunity to reach out and build relationships with new guides and outfitters.

How It Helps

It is about time that clients have direct contact with guides to talk about expectations, dates, accommodations, the “prime time” and much more through a simple click of a button.

Find a Fly Fishing Guide was created to help people build relationships with fly fishing guides, fly shops, and outfitters. Each guide, fly shop, and outfitter gets their own profile to highlight where they are, and what they specialize in.

By having all of these resources in one place, this will help cut out the hassle and time of finding the right guide or outfitter for anyone.


Our rivers are a resource that needs to be protected. One of the best ways to protect a river is by supporting  guides and fly shops  that are stewards of the environment. Guides should be recognized for their professionalism and knowledge of the water. 

Guides spend the majority of their time on the water and have an intimate relationship with the resource. Find A Fly Fishing Guide is here to promote guides and fly shops that are knowledgeable and understanding of the environment and industry as a whole. 

Guides and fly shops are often the ones spending money to protect waterways and public land. By supporting your local guides or fly shops, you're contributing to this cause.

Fly Fishing Guides

We believe that guides who make a living on the water deserve to be recognized. As in any profession, fly fishing guides have put in a lot of time to develop their guiding style, knowledge, skill, and patience when on the water. 

Guiding isn’t just about catching fish. There are so many other important aspects to a guide trip regarding sustainability, fish health, safe practices, and river courtesy. Guides that are doing this successfully are creating a trickle effect, and this will help the sustainability of waterways.

Learn more about Find A Fly Fishing Guide at https://www.findaflyfishingguide.com/fly-shop-questions/